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Interacting with 2D Views

Use the following options for navigating or adjusting a 2D view. To activate a button, point the laser at the option and pull the trigger. The selected button will turn blue.

Option Description

Select to activate pan, scroll and zoom using the touchpad.

  • Pan: Drag the image to the desired position or press the image to center the image at that point
  • Scroll: Swipe to the right to move forward through the set, swipe to the left to move backward through the set
  • Zoom: While holding the trigger, swipe up to zoom out, swipe down to zoom in

Select to adjust windowing using the whole control as a handle.

To place text labels in an image, select Point, then reposition by dragging to the desired location.

Art-No. 60919-56EN

Date of publication: 2019-10-14