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Our benefits
and core values

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Our benefits and core values

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What we value

We value idealists. Brainlab was founded out of a frustration with the status quo in medicine and a desire to create enormous positive change in the industry, regardless of the challenge. These rebellious beginnings have led us to value those with a healthy disrespect for what is the accepted norm. We appreciate those who are obsessed with fighting cancer and improving surgery.

an impact.

  • Curious
  • Authentic
  • Useful
  • We make an impact with our drive to innovate. We’re pioneering, always questioning, unafraid to challenge the status quo, while thoughtfully taking big leaps.

  • We value authenticity and those that pride themselves on wanting to change the world. We keep it real, we’re honest, we mean what we say and say what we mean.

  • We’re here to help in whatever way we can. We start the conversation, invite all to join, and provide expertise for the direct benefit of our customers.

  • “As a team, we are fascinated by the intersection of technology and humanity. Brainlab is the right place to explore both.”

    Lisa Maier, Senior Event Manager (left) /
    Michael Riederer, Director R&D Instruments (right)
  • “It is not everyday that one finds a company that says what it does and does what it says. At Brainlab, this is both a standard and an expectation.”

    Harini Amaranth, Business Application Specialist (left) /
    Ralph Schob, Supplier Quality Engineer (right)
  • “Knowing that the products we contribute to are actually making a difference in people’s lives is hugely motivating and rewarding.”

    Merle Schottmann, Project Manager R&D (left) /
    Max Huebner, Project Engineer (right)

The perks of working at Brainlab

We could provide a standard shopping list of perks that make Brainlab a great place to work—subsidized gourmet meals, free inhouse gym, parking, organized fun and activities outside of the office—but we believe the best thing we have to offer is our hand-selected, inspiring colleagues.

Free in-house gym &
sports program
Personal development
dedicated to employee development
Award-winning restaurant &
subsidized gourmet meals
Employee events with
a focus on fun

Together we celebrate Brainlab Events

Brainlab Worldwide

With 25 offices around the world, Brainlab can react locally to the needs of individual regions while maintaining our global presence and influence.

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Our Teams

From R&D to warehouse, entry level to director, we offer careers for a wide range of skills and experience. Check out our teams to discover where you belong.

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Job Opportunities

All the latest job postings for Brainlab positions around the world in one place. Search specific jobs, browse career opportunities and apply directly.

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