Surgery Products

Brainlab technology is in use in over 3,000 hospitals worldwide. Brainlab innovations in surgery lend efficiency and ease to even the most complicated procedures, including neurosurgery. Brainlab offers platforms and software to enable access to improved, more efficient, less invasive and less expensive treatments for patients undergoing cranial, spinal, trauma, orthopedic, ENT and CMF surgery.

Brainlab core software technology allows surgeons to plan and navigate procedures. For over 25 years, Brainlab has been innovating in the surgical space, maximizing and leveraging the value of patient data with cutting-edge image enrichment and visualization tools, helping physicians take full advantage of information to achieve their surgical goals.

Brainlab image-guided surgery and intraoperative imaging platforms enhance procedures and allow surgeons to realize the full benefits of Brainlab software, enabling maximum capability when combined. Configured to scale, the diverse technologies can address imaging, navigation, enrichment and data sharing needs.

Control the total operating room and patient data from Buzz® Digital O.R. with the touch of a finger. Enrich image data with Curve® Image-Guided Surgery, the most advanced Brainlab surgical navigation platform. Navigate with Kick® Purely Navigation, available with optical or electromagnetic (EM) tracking. Scan with the largest gantry opening on the market with Airo® Mobile Intraoperative CT, designed specifically for surgeons.


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