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Digital CMF Surgery

Shaping the Face
of Surgery

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Digital CMF Surgery

Shaping the Face
of Surgery

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We put the future of CMF surgery in your hands

Digital CMF surgery gives you the tools to advance your practice — and the field of craniomaxillofacial surgery. These sophisticated digital tools for complex facial reconstructive surgery and tumor resections enhance every step of surgery from planning and mixed reality visualization to navigation and intraoperative imaging. Increase your surgical efficiency while attaining the high accuracy outcomes you pursue.

The future of CMF is digital

We’ve expanded and diversified our craniomaxillofacial portfolio with modular digital technologies that support you throughout surgery. You can easily add state-of-the-art planning, mixed reality visualization, surgical navigation and robotic intraoperative imaging to your existing workflows as needed.

Four views of imaging scans of a skull with segmented objects used for craniomaxillofacial surgery planning

Surgical Planning

Cover your workflow for CMF planning with Brainlab Elements software. Achieve straightforward patient data alignment, image fusion, object outlining and segmentation of anatomical structures that can be used as a template for affected regions. STL import and export allow you to easily export patient-specific structures for the production of implants or rapid prototyping models and incorporate the final STL file into the plan.

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Mixed Reality Viewing

Visualize your reconstruction plan with the Mixed Reality Viewer and dive into the patient’s anatomy in hyper-realistic 3D. Gain deeper insights into case-specific anatomy and the spatial relationships between bone, implant, critical structures and tumor. Virtually size and place your 3D model and discuss the surgical approach together with colleagues or patients.

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Three people wearing Magic Leap headsets lean in to examine a mixed reality projection of a skull with objects segmented for craniomaxillofacial surgery as a fourth manipulates the projection with a controller
Four views of a skull from surgical navigation software used during craniomaxillofacial surgery

Surgical Navigation

Make the most of your planned data by transferring it into the operating room. With navigation1, final positions of implants, meshes and bone fragments can all be verified. Surgical results can be documented using the structure acquisition functionality, which allows for the intraoperative visualization of the implant surface, including biocompatible materials.

Intraoperative Imaging

Combine surgical navigation with Loop-X Mobile Imaging Robot or third party imaging systems to instantly verify your progress in the operating room. Acquired intraoperative scans can be fused automatically with the preoperative plan enabling fast and precise quality control for every case.

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Pink data stream fly through the gantry of a Loop-X Mobile Intraoperative Imaging Robot

Let your surgical work flow

How Brainlab technologies support craniomaxillofacial workflows2

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Shape the face of your CMF surgeries with digital technologies

Open to Everything

Open to Everything

Brainlab has always had an open framework that allows free choice. This open system lets you incorporate the devices and implants you already use into the Brainlab CMF environment including standard and patient-specific models. You’re free to choose the technology that works for you.

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The statements of the surgeons reflect only personal opinions and experiences and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Brainlab or any affiliated institution.