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ExacTrac Dynamic*

Position Control for a Broad Range of Clinical Workflows

A comprehensive solution for precision radiotherapy positioning and monitoring

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Product Highlights

Surface and X-Ray Based Tracking Combined

ExacTrac Dynamic provides the functionality of multiple systems for a wide range of patient positioning and monitoring workflows. A revolutionary new thermal-surface camera technology works in tandem with real-time X-Ray tracking. This all-in-one system addresses the current challenges of surface guided radiotherapy.

  • Enables real-time internal anatomy verification at any couch position or gantry angle
  • Immediate shift calculation, beam hold, and repositioning anytime during treatment
  • Unique indication-specific workflows utilizing automated imaging

Robust Surface Tracking by Adding Thermal Imaging

The 4D Thermal Camera* creates a highly accurate and reliable hybrid thermal surface by correlating the 3D heat signature to the reconstructed 3D surface structure of the patient.

  • 300,000 data points for highly accurate pre-positioning and tracking with low latency reconstruction
  • Ability to consistently track small flat surfaces – beneficial for both precision treatments and breathing curve generation
  • Resistant to issues caused by room lighting, reflections, skin tone or clothing
  • Single camera mount eliminates gantry-related blocking

Advanced X-Ray Monitoring**

ExacTrac Dynamic imaging hardware is specifically designed to address the challenges associated with motion management by using X-Ray technology to track moving targets.

  • Larger panels allow more anatomy to be visualized (e.g.: entire cranium) for easier orientation and interpretation of X-Ray images
  • Improved soft tissue contrast and enhanced read out speed prevent motion blurring effects for moving targets
  • Higher heat capacity X-Ray tubes support more automated, high frequency imaging
ExacTrac Dynamic - Varian TrueBeam Linac Integration

Integration with High Level of Automation***

Seamless integration with Elekta Versa HD™ in combination with HexaPOD™ and Varian Edge® or TrueBeam® with Perfect Pitch™ enables automated beam hold, repositioning, and the restart of treatment from the linac console. X-Rays can be automatically or manually triggered based on the indication, protocol or patient.

  • Automatic patient loading uses linac interface and unique patient identification to load the treatment plan and CT into ExacTrac
  • Preset tolerances are used to automate X-Ray monitoring based on the indication
  • Automated X-Ray triggering based on patient surface deviations or at predefined gantry angle or MU intervals

Improved Performance & Workflow Standardization**

ExacTrac Dynamic software provides standardization of treatments throughout a department or multiple installation locations with indication specific preset workflows and tolerances.

  • Improved monitoring performance enables faster setup and fewer delays during treatment
  • High resolution X-Rays are matched instantly to expanded DRRs for better visualization and easier interpretation of patient anatomy
  • Customizable advanced fusion tools, such as “rubber band” fusion review further simplify verification

4Pi SRS Immobilization*

ExacTrac Dynamic immobilization has been completely redesigned into a single immobilization solution. One light-weight, easy to move, universal overlay board with patented rapid click-in fixation allows for easy setup and removal of the mask, while the integrated height adjustment system eliminates the need for clips and spacers.

  • Dose optimized and user-friendly design suitable for multiple couch tops
  • Rapid click-in fixation allows for easy mounting and removal of masks
  • Integrated height adjustment system allows for adjustment of mask space in case of weight loss or edema
  • Three mask types catering to user needs – High Precision SRS Mask, Open Face Mask and Single Sheet Mask

*Commercial availability pending

**Compared to ExacTrac 6.5

***Integration activities are ongoing. Interoperability pending until validation is completed.