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Intraoperative MRI

Informed Decisions.
Increased Confidence.

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Intraoperative MRI

Informed Decisions. Increased Confidence.

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Automatic MRI registration for tumor resection with instant verification

Neuronavigation software showing intraoperative MR data

Instant Resection Verification

Brainlab Automatic Image Registration (AIR) is a fundamental technology for high-precision surgical navigation from start to finish. AIR adds intraoperatively acquired MR images to surgical navigation while maintaining the preoperative surgical plan. This updated registration compensates for potential loss of navigation accuracy during surgery.

  • Integrated MR data transfer and automatic marker detection eliminates need to access anatomical landmarks
  • Fast and accurate image registration allows for immediate quality control and navigation on up-to-date images

Automatic Registration Hardware

Brainlab AIR integrates intraoperative MRI and navigation for more informed decision-making while maintaining system integrity. Full integration of MRI and O.R. tables from various manufacturers offers hospitals maximum flexibility and workflow efficiency in cranial procedures. The Brainlab registration matrix with integrated MR markers is designed for use with a 3-pin skull clamp and therefore does not compromise standard patient positioning.

  • Simplified registration matrix design for uncomplicated setup
  • Location of matrix below patient head and near isocenter improves registration accuracy
  • Compatible exclusively with DORO LUCENT® iMRI Headrest System by pro med instruments, a part of the Black Forest Medical Group
  • Compatible with state-of-the-art MRI scanners and O.R. tables
Simplified Automatic Registration Matrix design for uncomplicated setup with 3-pin skull clamp
Buzz with iPod® docked and DICOM viewer showing pre- and intraoperative data

O.R. Information & Control Center

Buzz Digital O.R. routes, displays, streams, records and enhances medical images, software content and videos. Designed to be an open platform central information hub with a user-friendly multi touch screen, Buzz is prepped for every O.R.

  • Seamless integration with Brainlab planning and navigation
  • Easy data handling and documentation through direct HIS and PACS connection
  • Displays and controls data and video sources
  • Enables network-based routing of video and software content on multiple displays

Customer Consulting

The high level of technology and integration that makes Brainlab iMRI unique involves detailed preparation and precise organization. Brainlab experts provide customers with comprehensive consulting, planning, installation and training to ensure a smooth and professional transition.

  • Workflow consulting
  • Feasibility study
  • Project management
  • Code compliance review
Exemplary floorplan

Technical Information

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