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Curve Navigation

Curve into Digital Surgery

Curve into Digital Surgery

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Go beyond image guidance and get effortless insights

Digital surgery unites software and O.R. integration to create an uninterrupted path for patient data. Before, during and after surgery, this data is enhanced by digital tools along its way, giving you effortless insights. Curve® Navigation is our most powerful and versatile image guided surgery platform that offers more than navigation—it’s your mobile entry into digital surgery. With a light-weight cart featuring an extra large 4K display, you can plan, review, document and stream your surgery from anywhere in the O.R.

Designed for efficiency

A slim design keeps its footprint to a minimum. The 32” capacitive touch display enables efficient data management and brilliant 4K visualization. The large tracking volume of the motorized camera fosters setup flexibility without compromising patient registration.

Programmed for compatibility

Plan pre- and intraoperatively with Brainlab Elements and review your plan with Mixed Reality right in the O.R. in hyper-realistic 3D. Curve perfectly combines Brainlab software with intraoperative imaging, surgical robotics and third party devices.

Built for flexibility

Constructed to move easily between and adapt to multiple operating rooms, Curve Navigation fits your surgical needs. Customize with optical and electromagnetic tracking1 or choose to combine with a second Curve display cart, Buzz® Digital O.R. and third-party displays.

Curve digitizes and personalizes your navigation experience

With flexible setup and software and device integration,
Curve simplifies all of your surgical workflow steps.

With flexible setup and software and device integration, Curve simplifies all of your surgical workflow steps.

1Preoperative Setup & Planning

2Intraoperative Visualization & Guidance

3Postoperative Documentation & Archiving

Clear Record Keeping

Archive all data manually or automatically to your preferred location such as a picture archiving and communication system (PACS), hospital information system (HIS), vendor neutral archive (VNA), USB drive or Quentry Cloud Services. Exported files can be accessed immediately on any client device for review or patient consultation.

Curve_postoperative documentation

Choose from extension options to configure to your needs

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Curve deeply integrates with other powerful digital surgery technologies from Brainlab.

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The compact Cirq Surgical Robot simplifies spinal fusion by freeing up the surgeon’s hands during procedures.

Brainlab Loop-X - Mobile Intraoperative CT Imaging Robot

This mobile imaging robot transforms surgery in 2D and 3D with unprecedented positioning flexibility and autonomous movement.

Brainlab Mixed Reality - Spatial Computing Viewer

Brainlab cloud computing, visualization and data pre-processing software meet Magic Leap’s spatial computing platform.

Closing the loop

Closing the loop

Opening new horizons in Digital Spine Surgery

With our vision for the future of digital spine surgery, Brainlab is closing the loop to enable greater freedom for clinicians and enhanced outcomes for patients.

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1 Not yet commercially available in the USA

2 Not yet commercially available