ExacTrac Dynamic

Precision Patient Monitoring for Radiotherapy

Precision Patient Monitoring for Radiotherapy

Precision Patient Monitoring for Radiotherapy

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Achieve submillimetric radiotherapy positioning & monitoring accuracy

Achieve submillimetric radiotherapy positioning & monitoring accuracy

ExacTrac Dynamic unifies the power and precision of cutting-edge tracking technologies. Deliver high-precision treatments for a wide range of patient positioning and monitoring workflows including cranial and prostate. This all-in-one system’s revolutionary new thermal-surface camera technology works in tandem with real-time X-Ray tracking for extraordinary accuracy.

Merging surface & X-Ray tracking

Surface tracking with ExacTrac 4D Thermal Camera
Thermal surface tracking

The 4D Thermal Camera creates a highly accurate and reliable hybrid thermal surface by correlating the patient’s heat signature to their reconstructed 3D surface structure. To achieve this, 300,000 3D surface points are acquired and matched to the heat signal generated by the thermal camera, creating another dimension to track their position.

Advanced X-Ray monitoring*

Larger panels show more anatomy for easier orientation and interpretation of X-Ray images. At the same time, improved soft tissue contrast and enhanced read-out speed prevent motion blurring effects. Thanks to higher heat capacity, ExacTrac Dynamic X-Ray tubes support more automated, high frequency imaging.

Advanced X-Ray monitoring with ExacTrac Dynamic

Integration for greater automation*

Deep integration with Elekta Versa HD™ in combination with Hexapod™ and Varian Edge™ or TrueBeam™ with Perfect Pitch™ enable automated beam hold—repositioning and restarting treatment—from the linac console. Based on the indication, protocol or patient, X-Rays can be automatically or manually triggered for greater freedom.


What types of radiation therapy treatments can be performed using ExacTrac Dynamic?

ExacTrac Dynamic allows you to position and monitor all your SRS, SBRT, and conventional radiotherapy patients. Learn more about the variety of indication-specific workflows, such as cranial and spine SRS and SBRT.

Proven submillimetric thermal-surface and X-Ray tracking enable planning target volume (PTV) margin reduction for your SRS patients, providing true dose sparing for critical structures.

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Potential and challenges of surface guidance in radiation therapy


販売名:エグザクトラック (医療機器承認番号:22200BZX00108000)

販売名:エレメント (医療機器承認番号:30100BZX00108000)

販売名:カウチシステム (医療機器届出番号:13B1X00109200215)

販売名:4Pi クラニアル マスクシステム (医療機器届出番号:13B1X00109200229)

販売名:フレームレスラジオサージェリーシステム (医療機器届出番号:13B1X00109200109)


Compared to ExacTrac 6.5 or 6.2