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Brainlab Expands its Neuromonitoring Portfolio

Dr. Langer Medical GmbH represents the strategic fit for deep and intelligent integration

Munich, September 7, 2022—Brainlab, a digital medical technology company, announced today the acquisition of Dr. Langer Medical GmbH. Based in Waldkrich, Germany, the family-owned company specializes in the development of intraoperative neuromonitoring solutions and related equipment for surgical interventions. The overarching and unified goal of Brainlab and Dr. Langer Medical is to create synergies for the «digital surgery» ecosystem as well as align entrepreneurial activities and innovation potential. Dr. Langer Medical GmbH will continue to operate as an independent company within the Brainlab Group.

“Brainlab has been interested in the potential of digital integration in neuromonitoring for quite some time. Up until now, we were hesitant to pursue this technology due to the complexity of the available systems and their workflows,” said Stefan Vilsmeier, CEO and President of Brainlab. “The design and usability of Dr. Langer Medical GmbH’s approach to neuromonitoring serves as the perfect foundation to leverage the full potential of deep integration. Dr. Langer Medical’s solutions are all developed digitally and thereby fit perfectly with our strategy to gradually expand neuronavigation by integrating more critical data components.”

Dr. Langer Medical’s neuromonitoring solutions provide important information about the condition of affected nerves during surgical interventions. These solutions also enable medical staff preparing patients for surgery to visualize anatomical landmarks when attaching reference points. This allows the associated stimulation channels to be automatically assigned. While Dr. Langer Medical’s neuromonitoring system is already well established in thyroid and ENT surgery, it is only recently gaining traction in the field of cranial neurosurgery. This acquisition serves as a major growth opportunity for Brainlab to further differentiate its product portfolio. Working toward this goal, Brainlab and Dr. Langer Medical aim to integrate their technologies, provide end-to-end workflows for neurosurgery, spine surgery, abdominal and other surgical fields, and in this way, innovate in the field of neuromonitoring.

«Over the last 25 years, we have grown into a successful medium-sized company in intraoperative neuromonitoring and have been among the market leaders in this field for many years,» said Dr. Andreas Langer, Co-Founder and Co-Managing Director of Dr. Langer Medical GmbH.

Co-Founder and Co-Managing Director, Heike Langer added, «We are very proud of our employees and our innovative corporate culture. We share the same values, vision and way of thinking with Brainlab and know that we have found a perfect environment for our company. We are united by the goal of developing medical products of the highest quality for physicians and patients worldwide.”

With a strong focus on research and development, Dr. Langer Medical is well positioned to advance next-generation technologies such as pelvic monitoring or navigated stimulation probes. Brainlab will support Dr. Langer Medical with clinical and technical expertise as well as a customer base of more than 6,000 clinics around the world. To achieve the joint goals and accelerate development activities, Brainlab intends to invest additional resources in Dr. Langer Medical.

About Brainlab

Brainlab is a digital medical technology pioneer founded in 1989 and headquartered in Munich. The company employs more than 2000 people in 25 locations around the globe. Brainlab serves physicians, medical professionals and their patients in over 6000 hospitals in 121 countries.

Brainlab creates software-driven medical solutions that digitize, automate and optimize clinical workflows for neurosurgery, spine, trauma, craniomaxillofacial (CMF), general and vascular surgery as well as radiotherapy and radiosurgery. Core products center around surgical navigation, radiotherapy, digital operating room integration, and information and knowledge exchange. The Brainlab open framework operating system will allow third parties to develop medical applications to further advance the field of spatial computing and mixed reality.

Brainlab is dedicated to creating an impact in healthcare. The company connects opportunities from emerging digital technologies to transform healthcare at scale and help improve the lives of patients worldwide. For more information, please visit Brainlab and follow on LinkedInTwitterFacebook and Instagram.

About Dr. Langer Medical 

Founded in 1996 by Heike Langer and Dr. Andreas Langer in Waldkirch, Germany, Dr. Langer Medical specializes in the development of high-quality medical products and innovative solutions for the intraoperative localization and functional monitoring of nerve and brain structures. The neuromonitors and neurostimulators TWISTER® MM, AVALANCHE® SI 2 and AVALANCHE® PLUS can now be found in healthcare institutions around the globe.

With a new facility built in Waldkirch in 2016, the company combines state-of-the-art equipment with a collegial working atmosphere on an area of 1700 m² with further room for expansion. The modern sterile room for the production of equipment is also located in the same building. Since the inception of the company, the slogan “the art of neuromonitoring” has guided the development of all products at Dr. Langer Medical. This can be seen not only in the modern operating concepts, which focus on the users in the operating room, but also in the design, functionality and user-friendliness of the devices. Dr. Langer Medical is in the process of developing new technologies for nerve-sparing rectal surgery and other innovative procedures that will improve patient safety in the future.

For more information, please visit our website or follow us on LinkedIn, Xing or Facebook.

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