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Cancer therapy: The Innsbruck University Clinic has selected ExacTrac 6.0 for patient positioning

The first European clinic installs new Brainlab technology with an Elekta linear accelerator for more accurate and comfortable radiosurgery

Munich, 19 December 2012 – The Innsbruck University Clinic for Radiation Therapy and Radio-Oncology has selected the new ExacTrac 6.0® patient positioning system. Innsbruck will be the first clinic in Europe to use the ExacTrac together with an Elekta linear accelerator. The combination of both systems will enable the university clinic to provide cancer patients with more accurate and comfortable treatments.


By opting for integrated use, Innsbruck University Clinic undertakes a pioneering role. “We have worked successfully with Elekta and Brainlab for many years and are therefore delighted to become the first clinic in Europe to use the Elekta linear accelerator together with ExacTrac 6.0,” says university professor, Dipl. -Ing. Dr. Peter Lukas. “The compatibility of the systems simplifies our processes and enables a very high level of precision. Thanks to ExacTrac 6.0, we are also able to offer cancer patients in the Innsbruck region an expanded treatment spectrum.”

Over the years, ExacTrac has proven its worth in stereotactic cancer treatment
Since it was introduced over thirteen years ago ExacTrac has proven itself in practice – with over 500 systems installed around the world over a million treatments have already been carried out. The positioning system allows high-precision, sub-millimeter positioning of patients with tumors in the brain and body. High-resolution X-ray images guarantee that the inner structures can always be visualized, in real time, before and at any time during treatment. ExacTrac is therefore able to contribute to improving the accuracy of the positioning and preventing errors in the stereotactic treatment process.

“Our aim is to offer people all over the world improved access to less invasive, high-precision treatment methods”, explains Carsten Sommerfeldt, Managing Director and Vice President Europe at Brainlab. “We are focusing our attention on an open interface architecture, enabling ExacTrac to be integrated with various systems. This gives clinics the freedom to select the solutions which are most precisely suited to their operating procedures and the welfare requirements of their patients.”

The decision to combine ExacTrac 6.0 with a new Elekta linear accelerator enables the Innsbruck University Clinic to offer its patients high-precision positioning and radiation treatments. Patients also receive a more comfortable treatment experience through reduced positioning times and non-invasive1 fixation.

1 The physician may choose to use a headring with some indications.

About Brainlab

Brainlab develops, produces and sells computer-supported medical technology for precise, minimallyinvasive
interventions. The company’s main products include imaging systems and software solutions
delivering highly accurate information in real time for surgical navigation and radiosurgical planning
and treatment.

Brainlab, with its head office in Munich, was founded in 1989 and has approximately 1,070 employees
at 17 sites around the world. With around 5,000 systems installed in over 80 countries, Brainlab is a
market leader for imaging technologies.

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