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Brainlab Harnesses the Cloud with Quentry™

Global Medical Network Offers Secure Data Sharing and Collaboration Key Development Neurosurgeons Queue Up to Enroll at Launch
Denver, Colorado, April 11, 2011 – Brainlab today goes live with Quentry™, a groundbreaking online network for physicians that provides the freedom to access, control and share diagnostic imaging from anywhere within a secure clinical platform. Debuting at the AANS Annual Scientific Meeting in Denver, Colo., clinicians can employ the now consumerized online sharing mentality to disseminate expert knowledge and enhance patient care. For a limited time, neurosurgeons may sign up for Quentry and take advantage of a free trial phase offering a unique opportunity to explore the site.

“Giving clinicians the freedom to exchange and discuss patient cases, share insights and moderate best practices with peers the world over helps drive the right care for the right patient at the right time,” said Stefan Vilsmeier, CEO and founder of Brainlab. “Social networking has transformed how people communicate; Quentry will transform how clinicians practice medicine.”

Quentry connects users via cloud computing technology, which enables access from any fixed connection within a secure network without having to download special or specific software. Functionality includes secure uploading, sharing, viewing and consulting with clinical members around the world. Providing applications from centralized servers and operating in highly secure and robust datacenters, Quentry eliminates time-consuming and costly CD production and increases security by eliminating misplacement of medical data CDs.

“This new clinician networking initiative aligns perfectly with the Brainlab strategy,” explains Stefan Henning, product line manager for Quentry. “We are forging ‘A Quentry without borders,’ for both Brainlab and non-Brainlab clinicians who will benefit enormously from this innovative worldwide network based on freedom, accessibility and unification of clinical knowledge.”

Bringing the company’s advanced technologies into the cloud, Quentry is the only PACS-independent online network for moderating clinical best practices combined with the ability to share and discuss medical images with an advanced web-based DICOM viewer. Members can freely upload and access diagnostic patient images, harness powerful on-demand tools to visualize data, consult colleagues and synchronize work. The network capability allows surgeons to invite colleagues to join their network, consult on a case and moderate best practices, all with the goal of providing the best care possible.

Quentry can connect all the people in the care path – patient, referring physician and specialist – with the goal of streamlining the planning and treatment process and decreasing patient travel where possible. The online transfer of data sets via Quentry means that treatment plans can be prepared before the patient arrives at the hospital and that referring physicians can be directly involved in the treatment. Post-treatment follow-up between clinical specialists is streamlined and the patient reaps the benefits of the interconnectivity offered by Quentry.

Significant upgrades in the coming months will connect Quentry with all Brainlab devices and applications such as iPlan® treatment planning software and will make it an accessible archive of clinical data. Soon, Quentry will offer direct web access to its intelligent software and computational power allowing clinicians to filter, enrich, visualize and leverage digital data.

Quentry services are scalable, ranging from free user login to a full-featured premium subscription version. The site ensures compliance with HIPAA privacy and security rules, safeguarding patient confidentiality.

To learn more and sign up, visit booth 2241 at AANS or