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SASRO 2016

20th Annual Meeting of SASRO and the 50th Annual Meeting of SSRMP

This year, the Scientific Association of Swiss Radiation Oncology (SASRO) Meeting will be held together with the Swiss Society of Radiobiology and Medical Physics (SSRMP). Both groups will celebrate significant anniversaries during this joint meeting, the 20th Annual Meeting of SASRO and the 50th Annual Meeting of SSRMP! SASRO is a multidisciplinary organisation promoting radiation therapy through science, education and cooperation within Switzerland. Under the headline ‘Hit the Target’, the annual meeting provides a platform for discussions on all topics in radiation therapy within a multidisciplinary environment, generating new ideas and initiating close interaction between radiation centers and industrial partners.

Brainlab will be showcasing the new Elements portfolio, including efficient and effective software applications such as Multiple Brain Mets SRS update 1.5, as well as the new Elements Cranial SRS* and Spine SRS* software.
Furthermore, Brainlab will host a Lunch Symposium on Friday, August 26 at 1:15 PM on the topic of ‘New developments in the stereotactic treatment of multiple brain metastases’.


Brainlab Elements for radiation therapy focus on a single clinical indication and are frontloaded with intelligence and automation to help streamline clinical workflows. Elements include robust Image Fusion, indication-specific brush tools and highly-automated dose planning, quickly resulting in precise and consistent plans.

Multiple Brain Metastases SRS, part of Brainlab Elements, allows delivery of highly conformal single-session treatments while helping to minimize dose spread to surrounding healthy tissue. Planning and treatment time can be significantly reduced, even with as many as 10 tumors to treat.

Elements Cranial SRS is a unique application that optimizes treatment planning. With the latest algorithm, called 4Pi*—licensed exclusively from Dalhousie University in Nova Scotia, Canada—Brainlab Elements are now set to become even more intelligent and efficient. 4Pi enables patient tailored, optimized treatment trajectories aiming at minimizing radiation dose to organs at risk without compromising target coverage or treatment times.

To achieve excellent dose planning and metrics and a highly conformal dose for spine, an algorithm of the new Elements Spine SRS internally breaks down planning target volumes into a number of smaller targets. Consequently, the dose to the spinal cord can be minimized and, in doing so, potentially improve patient outcomes.

New this year at SASRO is TRAMs—Treatment Response Assessment Maps—a method developed in collaboration with Sheba Medical Center in Tel Aviv.

TRAMs are used in neuro-oncological decision making to differentiate tumor progression from treatment effects such as pseudo-progression or radiation necrosis. The method works by acquiring two MRI images—one at two minutes and another at 75 minutes after the injection of the contrast agent—and subtracting the first image from the second. Tumor cells, which have efficient contrast agent clearance, show up blue on the subtracted image, while non-tumor tissues with less efficient clearance appear red, allowing clinicians to determine further course of treatment.

Come by booth #20 for hands-on demonstrations and to explore our entire range of radiosurgery products.


With over 850 installed systems worldwide, in-room X-Ray based ExacTrac Positioning and Monitoring system has redefined automation, efficiency and patient positioning flexibility in the treatment room.

Instantaneous X-Ray imaging with proprietary 6D fusion provides fast and highly accurate position verification and reduces the possibility of geographical miss due to patient motion or internal anatomical shifts.

Thanks to the 4Pi algorithm used during planning, ExacTrac is the only system that can detect intra-fractional tumor motion even at non-coplanar couch angles.

Visit Brainlab to see how ExacTrac can enhance your existing linac.


Novalis Certified promotes high standards in SRS and SBRT by helping to ensure the delivery of cranial and body radiosurgery at a level of efficacy and safety that corresponds with best practice clinical workflows.

Built upon the guidance of the Novalis Expert Panel, Novalis Certified builds on other accreditation programs available with a dedicated focus on attaining excellence in SRS and SBRT.

* Commercial availability pending

Brainlab Symposium

Brainlab Symposium

Brainlab Elements – New developments in the stereotactic treatment of Multiple Brain Metastasis

Stereotactic Radiosurgery Developments In the Treatment Of Brain Metastases
Thierry Gevaert, UZ Brussel, Brussels, Belgium


August 26, 2016
01:15 PM – 01:40 PM


Central Building (House 17)
Room West
Leidenbergstraße 17
6208 Oberkirch

For more information, please email Alexander Streit at [email protected].


August 25, 2016
Exhibition Hours
12:00 PM – 06:30 PM
August 26, 2016
Exhibition Hours
08:00 AM – 06:30 PM
August 27, 2016
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08:30 AM – 01:00 PM

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