Freedom through robotic automation

Freedom through robotic automation

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Free your hands with robot assisted surgery

Designed to mimic the human arm, Cirq offers you additional support during surgical procedures. But this new surgical robot provides you with more than just an extra “hand” in the operating room. Cirq gives you stability that doesn’t tire along with consistency and precision you can rely on.

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Clear support for spinal surgeries

Cirq Spinal Navigation Robot

Instrument guidance for spinal drilling

  • Saves time — Seamless minimally invasive and open workflows
  • Provides stability — Locks in place by anchoring securely to the bone
  • Enables flexibility — Vendor-neutral compatibility with multiple implant sets
  • Reduces cost — Mainly reusable components keep disposables per case to a minimum

Robotic alignment for spine surgery

  • Simplifies procedures — Allows the surgeon to concentrate completely on the anatomy
  • Frees up focus — Once locked firmly in place, surgeons have both hands free
  • Integrates fully — Use Brainlab planning, imaging and navigation together as one
  • Removes human error — Motorized movement provides robotic precision and stable hold
Robotic spine surgery with Cirq surgical assistant

Strive for high level precision

Precision with Cirq begins with dedicated guidance software for rough alignment to the pre-planned trajectory. Then the Cirq Robotic Alignment Module steps in to make fine adjustments to enable greater precision than with freehand placement alone.

Interchange modules for more flexibility

The future of robotic surgery is modular. With its interchangeable modules, Cirq is a highly adaptable and versatile robotic surgical system.

Cirq Robotic Alignment Module

Interchangeable heads enable alignment to trajectories with this robotic surgical technology

Kinematic Unit

For fine-tuning adjustment based on pre-planned trajectories during computer assisted robotic surgery

Tracking Array

Real-time tracking of instruments for constant position feedback 

Drill Guide

With teeth designed for forceless anchoring on the bone, length, and diameter suitable for various patient anatomies

Depth Control

Snap-on depth control allows for precise and safe drilling during robotic spine surgery

Robotic surgery adapts to your operating room

Thanks to its inclusive design, Cirq fits into almost any operating room or surgical situation allowing surgeons to make use of the advantages of robotic assisted surgery. The system attaches easily to most common O.R. tables, accommodates multiple imaging devices, and can be used with most implant vendors.

 Cirq Airo Setup

Open your entire surgical workflow to automation

Add robot assisted surgery benefits and automated steps to your entire procedure. Cirq is an ideal complement to planning, imaging and navigation.

Are you ready to free up your workflows?

販売名:Curveナビゲーションシステム(医療機器承認番号: 22400BZX00153000
販売名:ドリルガイドシリーズ (医療機器届出番号:13B1X00109100210)