FiberTracking and Functional Planning Software

Anatomical and functional information

iPlan FiberTracking and BOLD MRI Mapping enable quick visualization of functional information

iPlan® FiberTracking and BOLD MRI Mapping software
Seamless integration of segmented 3D objects and fiber tracts

Seamless navigation Integration

Tumor cases are more complex when they are located near areas of the brain responsible for vital functions. To preserve these functions as much as possible, it is crucial to map their position in the outer brain gray matter as well as the fibers that invisibly connect these areas to the body via the brain’s white matter structures.

iPlan® FiberTracking and iPlan BOLD MRI Mapping are software modules that enable post-processing of specific data sets, turning them into clinically relevant information for pre-planning, which then seamlessly integrates with neuronavigation.

  • Full integration of raw DICOM Diffusion Tensor Imaging (DTI) data for fiber tracking and BOLD MRI data for mapping
  • Generation of objects for use with neuronavigation
  • Compatible with iPlan Cranial, iPlan Stereotaxy and iPlan RT
Axial cut with segmented objects displayed in iPlan® FiberTracking software

easy processing of DTI Data

DTI on MR scanners provides detailed information about eloquent white matter structures for neurosurgical planning, using special algorithms to reveal fibers that are normally invisible to the human eye. An intuitive interface enables neurosurgeons to use DTI data to create comprehensive treatment plans quickly and easily. Displaying critical fiber tracking information during surgery enables more refined surgical approaches.

  • Automatic detection of diffusion directions
  • Various options for definition of region of interest for fiber tracking
  • Overlay of fiber tracking information to other anatomical or functional images
iPlan® BOLD MRI time series view

Accelerated Functional Planning

Functional MR images—created by scanning patients as they perform certain tasks—enable the identification of related functional areas in the brain by detecting an increased blood supply.

iPlan post-processes BOLD (Blood Oxygen Level Dependent) functional MRI data to enhance anatomical images with functional maps showing motoric and speech areas. This patient-specific identification of critical areas leads to more refined surgical approaches and easier localization of functional areas on the brain surface during surgery.

  • Automatic detection of functional activations
  • Flexible definition of different functional paradigms
  • Overlay of BOLD MRI information to other anatomical or functional images