Stereotactic Planning Software

Streamline Framebased Procedures

iPlan Stereotaxy for advanced stereotactic planning with streamlined O.R. workflows

Trajectory planning with iPlan Stereotaxy
Trajectory planning with iPlan Stereotaxy

Powerful stereotactic planning capabilities

Stereotactic neurosurgery requires high-level accuracy for accessing small target structures during biopsies and for stimulating deep-seated functional areas of the brain. Experience meets precision with iPlan® Stereotaxy. It combines basic trajectory planning to obtain arc settings with advanced planning capabilities that improve O.R. workflows, localization of functional areas and Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS). iPlan Stereotaxy is suitable for both daily clinical use and for advanced clinical research.

  • Allows localization of CT or MRI localizer
  • Supports broad range of stereotactic neurosurgery frames
  • Compatible with iPlan FiberTracking software
Automatic Image Fusion of CT with MR

Flexible Workflows with Automatic Image Fusion

Stereotactic neurosurgery plans based on a non-localized dataset (without headframe), completed prior to surgery, can be easily fused with a localized dataset on the day of surgery providing greater workflow flexibility. When creating a trajectory plan for stereotactic neurosurgery, selective fusion of user-defined areas also increases the precision of planning targets on MR images.

  • Supports various imaging modalities
  • Complete functional pre-planning without localized datasets
  • Fusion of non-localized plans to either MR or CT localized datasets
AC-PC settings via crosshair

Dedicated Functional Planning

Anatomical views can be aligned to the patient’s AC/PC line. After automatic detection of the mid-sagittal plane, the landmarks AC and PC are set manually using an interactive crosshair tool. Scalable brain-atlas data also helps fit-match atlas and patient anatomy for verification and target planning. Flexible workflows make it easy to combine planning steps to identify functional areas, targets and trajectories for obtaining the stereotactic arc settings.

  • Intuitive definition of AC/PC coordinates for subsequent outlining of structures in AC/PC aligned views
  • Compatible with iPlan Fibertracking software for visualization of fibers in all planning steps
iPlan Stereotaxy Electrode Recording with stimulation results

iPlan Stereotaxy enters the O.R.

iPlan Stereotaxy with Electrode Recording module brings continuity to all pre- and intraoperative data in one system. Preoperatively planned trajectories may be used during stereotactic neurosurgery to derive tracks representing stimulation pathways. Entered results are immediately visualized as spheres lined up on the track in relation to anatomical patient views, helping to find the optimum implant position for DBS electrodes.

  • Supports accurate, reproducible and comprehensible decision making in stereotactic neurosurgery
  • Optimizes postoperative care by comparing intra- and postoperative stimulation results