Buzz, the next generation of O.R. integration, with intuitive multi-touch user interface and computer- and IP-based future-proof design

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Buzz is the new operating room integration platform from Brainlab
Digital O.R. with Buzz In-Wall Dual and ceiling mounted display

O.R. Information and Control Center

Buzz® Digital O.R. from Brainlab is the multi-touch information hub that routes, displays, interacts, streams, records and enhances medical images, software content and videos. With its unambiguous, practical touch interface and broad range of features, Buzz is prepped for every O.R.

  • HIS and PACS integration
  • Displaying of video sources (e.g. microscope, endoscope, O.R. camera, etc.)
  • Routing of video and software content on multiple displays
  • Audio-/ video conferencing and streaming
  • Archive integration for workflow optimized documentation
  • In-Wall and On-Wall modalities for different O.R. setups
  • High-performance workstation
  • Indication-specific Brainlab applications (e.g. surgical checklist, TraumaCad, etc.)
  • Supports Brainlab Elements (e.g. Smartbrush, Image Fusion, Dose Review, etc.)
  • Brainlab DICOM Viewer especially developed for surgeons and touch-use in the O.R.

DigitalOR Front View



Buzz is built to be a long-lasting mainstay in the operating room


With state-of-the-art hardware components, Buzz is built to be a long-lasting mainstay in the operating room. Its durable yet sensitive glass front panel makes communication and utilization in the O.R. easy and clear. 

  • High resistance to water and dust for durability and easy maintenance (IP44)*
  • Audio and video components optimized for clear sound and picture
  • Responsive and accurate touch control on full HD display
Video Routing from Microscope to Buzz

Flexible content distribution

Buzz features intuitive drag and drop video and content routing from different video or data sources to multiple full HD displays.

  • Intuitive drag and drop content distribution
  • Routes video and other content on multiple full HD displays
  • Displays multiple video sources in real time (e.g. microscope, O.R. camera, etc.)
  • Displays a variety of medical content (e.g. EHR, DICOM data, vital sign monitor, etc.)
Brainlab O.R. portal with a live stream from a Buzz inside the O.R.

Conferencing, Streaming and Recording

Buzz provides direct web-access to live streams, digital recordings and screenshots. Share data instantly with colleagues and communicate via web-based conferencing. Full HD video streaming, recording and screenshots at the surgeon’s fingertips make directing colleagues’ attention in- or outside the O.R. simple.

  • Fully software-based streaming, recording and conferencing
  • Support of two channels in HD
  • Web portal access from anywhere to recorded and streamed data
  • HIPAA compliant data privacy
During cranial navigation control of Curve from Buzz

Universal Device Operation

Command and control workflow and devices inside the O.R. from Buzz or vice versa with multiple access and control possibilities.

  • Display and operate O.R. PC desktop on Buzz or operate Buzz from O.R. PC
  • Remote control of Buzz from tablet devices
  • Web-based control of devices in the O.R., such as room camera, wall lights, blinds, and more
  • Navigation control or information pairing between Buzz and Brainlab navigation systems


Buzz In-Wall