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Clinical Trails: Imaging & Collaboration Solution

Advanced image sharing and collaboration platform
Organize patient imaging into one secure location
January 7, 2015


Clinical studies are an effective method to learn what works best in treating diseases like cancer. Streamline your clinical trial infrastructure and provide all involved parties access to relevant patient data with Quentry®, a cloud-based system from Brainlab. Quentry enables easy acquisition and exchange of medical images from any location and helps reduce administrative workload, ultimately providing better care. • All relevant study data will be stored in a single location • Accurate submission and management of data through easy-to-use and user-friendly technology • Supports multi-center and international studies with Quentry available in more than 90 countries • High standard of patient privacy through role-based access control and the ability to remove PHI Quentry is HIPAA compliant and employs advanced encryption technologies to protect all data. For more information, visit Quentry to register for a free user account or contact your local sales representative.