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Welcome to the O.R.

February 25, 2015


Kick® EM, electromagnetic tracking, has gone into clinical use at Colorado Children’s Hospital in Aurora, Colorado, United States* and the University Medical Center in Groningen, Netherlands. With its small footprint and large field of view, Kick EM is setting a new standard in pinless procedures. Kick EM is developed for electromagnetic navigated ENT sinus surgery. Its minimalistic design makes Kick EM portable and easy to setup. The system consists of three components: the field generator, the connection panel and the Kick monitor cart. Kick EM features:
  • Large tracking volume for positional tracking freedom
  • 21.5” full HD drapable touch display for easy system interaction
  • Seamless instrument navigation: track and integrate pointers and suctions
  • Buzz® Digital O.R. extension: remote control and integrated O.R. functionalities
Click here to learn how Kick EM can help improve your ENT sinus surgery workflow! * Olympus® is the exclusive US distributor for Brainlab ENT navigation.