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iPlan RT Planning Software

Comprehensive Package for Premium Radiosurgery

RT Treatment Planning Software simplifies complex planning routines and provides access to sophisticated treatment options

Comprehensive package of treatment planning software for accurate radiosurgery
Selection of templates for streamlined radiosurgery treatment planning with iPlan RT

Rapid Plans Through Sophisticated Templates

iPlan® RT provides fast and easy planning for complex cases. Sophisticated template-based workflows designed around Stereotactic Radiosurgery (SRS) and Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy (SBRT) clinical experience facilitate straightforward planning and enable clinicians to offer reliable treatments to each individual patient.

  • Save treatment configurations, prescriptions, and constraint settings
  • Establish homemade protocols and best practices for every kind of lesion and machine
  • Facilitate teamwork and speed up the entire planning process
Comparison of Monte Carlo and Pencil Beam dose calculation

State-of-the-Art Monte Carlo Dose Algorithm

iPlan RT full Monte Carlo dose algorithm generates highly faithful dose distributions within seconds for conformal beam and dynamic arc treatments, and for complex IMRT cases, within minutes. Seamless integration allows its use with all major linear accelerators and multi-leaf collimator (MLC) types, virtually eliminating treatment area restrictions of conventional dose calculation algorithms.

  • Fast and accurate Monte Carlo calculation and treatment in everyday clinical practice
  • Proven accuracy verified by specific medical physics measurements and EGSnrc and BEAMnrc algorithms
  • Advanced integration of hospital specific clinical configuration of Linac and MLC modelling for highest customization
  • Considers Linac head geometry, secondary electron dose effects and tissue inhomogeneities
  • Highly precise treatment planning for inhomogeneous regions including lung and head & neck indications
Visualization of automatically adjusted dose grid using iPlan RT

Detailed Dose Assessment with Adaptive Calculation Grids

iPlan RT automatically adjusts the dose grid to allow for accurate dose calculation even in the case of very small structures. Intelligent scaling of the adaptive dose calculation grid in function of the object volume ensures precise dose distributions without compromising calculation speed.

  • Automatic adjustment of the dose grid enables accurate isodose contours and optimizes calculation times
  • An intelligent adaptive dose grid scales with the target while zooming for detailed isodose evaluation
  • Ideal for radiosurgery of very small targets
Contours of a lung tumor as automatically outlined by iPlan RT software

Automated 4D CT Treatment Planning

iPlan RT tackles time consuming contouring challenges with multiple-phase 4D CTs by elastically morphing and matching object contours between different respiratory phase CT scans. Internal target volumes (ITV) are generated with one click to support informed free-breathing versus gating treatment decision making for moving targets.

  • Elastic object propagation across all phases of a respiratory 4D CT
  • Minimum, maximum and mean intensity projection data set creation
  • Fast one-click workflow for maximal segmentation efficiency
Cone plan displayed on a collision map showing potential collisions with OARs

Conical Collimator Planning

Round, homogeneously shaped targets can be ideally treated with a circular collimator that offers a steep dose gradient due its conical design. iPlan RT provides comprehensive views for neurosurgeons and radiation oncologists enabling intuitive plan optimization. The unique collision map display for example visualizes potential collisions with organs at risk (OAR) for better plan assessment.

  • Clinical value for spherical lesions from functional radiosurgery to metastases
  • Automatic selection of ideal cone diameter for superior coverage
  • Comprehensive views for intuitive plan assessment and optimization
Optimizes individual radiation fields to conform to the radiotherapy target

Conformal Beam Planning

Multiple Conformal Beams adopt specific collimator shapes for different gantry and table directions, thus optimizing each radiation field to the shape of the target. iPlan RT provides an intuitive beam pathway selection similar to surgical approaches through an innovative collision map.

  • Automatic leaf adaptation to the target contour
  • Selection of beam pathway similar to surgical approaches
  • Gold standard dose calculation with Monte Carlo dose engine
Display of a dynamic conformal arc plan in multiple-beams-eye view of iPlan RT

Dynamic Conformal Arc Planning

Dynamic Conformal Arcs efficiently control and optimize the dose to critical structures while maximizing target volume coverage by an automatic leaf adaptation to the contour of the tumor. During treatment, the MLC field shape is continuously optimized to match the shape of the target in function of the rotating gantry. The unique beams-eye view in iPlan RT allows for better control and intuitive planning of Dynamic Conformal Arcs.

  • Fragmentation of the entire arc in ten-degree steps for an optimized workflow
  • Time-saving brush to shape the aperture rather than manipulating individual leaves one at a time
  • Mapping of the under-dosed and overdosed areas for focused work
  • Intuitive beams-eye view for straightforward planning
Fluence map visualizing the intensity modulation of an IMRT plan in iPlan RT

Straightforward IMRT Planning

Intensity modulated radiation therapy (IMRT) varies the beam intensity within the delivered field to minimize the dose delivery to organs at risk adjacent to the target. iPlan RT has a unique ‘Multiple Choice IMRT’ feature which optimizes four treatment plans with different PTV and OAR weighing simultaneously in a matter of minutes. This enables the best plan for the particular patient to be selected without the need for time-consuming recalculations should a plan not suit all requirements.

  • Simultaneous optimization of four treatment plans with different PTV and OAR weights
  • Split-field support for tumors exceeding MLC aperture
  • Dynamic or Step & Shoot Delivery
Steep dose gradient around the spinal cord for advanced planning with HybridArc

Advanced Treatment Plans with HybridArc

HybridArc™ treatment planning allows the provision of proven accuracy alongside the clinical flexibility of treating complex tumors precisely and effectively anywhere in the body. HybridArc™ automatically blends advanced radiosurgery techniques to best fit individual patient circumstances. In minutes, this technique flexibly weighs arcs and beams for optimized coplanar and non-coplanar volumetric dose delivery, while shaping doses for concave regions and large structures.

  • HybridArc™ combines precision with efficiency and is especially well-tailored for the brain and spine
  • Calculations of complex radiosurgery treatment plans take minutes instead of hours
  • With zero-downtime installation, HybridArc™ authorizes many Linac-based radiosurgery systems to perform optimized volumetric arc therapies with straightforward implementation
  • Practical option to gain the capability of advanced radiosurgery without an additional hardware upgrade