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Jump-Starting Robotic Assistance

Cirq®, a universal platform for robotic tasks, serving a range of neurosurgical indications.

Robotic surgery technology
Cirq Robotic Alignment Module for Spinal Surgery

Robotic Alignment

Advanced electronics and software not only facilitate intuitive manual arm positioning, Cirq also performs automatic trajectory alignment by attaching the robotic module. This novel technology can be used in spinal as well as cranial surgeries, with trajectories conveniently defined in corresponding Brainlab Elements applications.

  • Cirq alignment software provides guidance and instrument tracking
  • Ideal for pedicle screw placement in cervical, thoracic and lumbar cases
  • Seamless alignment, drilling and needle insertion for cranial biopsies
  • Bone anchors establish stable setups while 4-marker geometries ensure robust tracking

*FDA clearance pending

Surgical robotic assistant with reference array for surgical navigation

Revolutionary Design

Inspired by the form of the human arm, Cirq is a reliable and intuitive assistant during surgical procedures. After quick setup, highly adaptable Cirq can be aligned in seven degrees of freedom for maximum positioning flexibility. While communication and control is at the core of the base arm, the attachable modules provide indication-specific support.

  • Portable, light-weight design (approx. 11kg)
  • Mounted directly to the O.R. table rail
  • Fully integrated computer unit with no footprint
  • Port for different application-specific modules
Robotic spine surgery with Cirq surgical assistant

Spinal Surgery Support

The compact Cirq spinal module simplifies spinal fusion procedures by allowing the surgeon to focus first on alignment. Once Cirq is locked firmly in place, surgeons are free to focus on subsequent surgical steps with both hands. The seamless workflow with navigation-ready instruments saves valuable time in the O.R.

  • Includes tissue protecting trocars for MIS access
  • Secure drill tube stabilization with sharp teeth for anchoring on the bone
  • Full drilling guidance with easy snap-on depth-control
  • Vendor-neutral concept compatible with multiple implant sets

Interchangeable modules of robotic surgeon

Future-Proof Modularity

Cost-effective Cirq robotics instantly adds value to existing Brainlab navigation systems. Navigation integration leverages established workflows, set-ups and instrumentation, and extends utilization. The combination of a base arm and attachable “hand” modules makes Cirq robotics scalable and future-proof.

  • Compatible with Kick® and Curve™ navigation platforms
  • Ideal in combination with intraoperative imaging such as Airo®
  • Features software for setup guidance and target alignment
  • Takes advantage of Elements planning applications