Microscope Integration

Advanced Imaging, Improved Ergonomics.

January 5, 2016


Recognizing that neurosurgeons perform most of their procedures while looking through a microscope, Brainlab integrates with all major neurosurgery microscope vendors for advanced imaging and improved ergonomics allowing surgeons to stay focused on the surgical task.

With a dedicated marker geometry attached, the microscope is tracked by the navigation system like any other instrument, providing valuable benefits:

  • Positional Tracking: The microscope’s focal point serves as the tool tip displayed on the patient data set, potentially replacing the use of the pointer
  • Heads-Up Display(HUD): Displays all relevant information and objects – such as pre-planned tumors or fiber tracts – in the microscope oculars
  • Video Overlay: Reversely, all information seen through the oculars can be shown on the navigation screen as video overly
  • Microscope Depthview: The reconstruction of the original MR or CT data according to the focal plane allows to continuously compare the live image with pre-operative data
  • Remote Navigation Control: Using the microscope handles for improved ergonomics to control the HUD, take a screenshot or close the shutter

Click here to watch the Brainlab Microscope Integration demo video.

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