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Adjustable Orthopedic Calibration Device

KingMark accurately calibrates AP pelvic images and measures patient anatomy.


Precise AP Pelvic Image Calibration

KingMark® is an adjustable, double calibration device for AP pelvic X-Ray images. In clinical trials, KingMark was shown to be superior to the conventional, single-ball marker1.
KingMark uses two separate markers—one behind the pelvis and one in front. The posterior marker is a radiolucent pad with steel rods embedded in a vertical row. The anterior marker is a flexible strap with radio-opaque balls secured at regular intervals.

  • Positioning is the same for all sizes of patients and is not cumbersome or invasive
  • KingMark is visible on the radiograph when markers are incorrectly positioned, thus preventing positioning errors
  • TraumaCad® automatically detects KingMark, determines the magnification percentage and re-sizes it to allow accurate measurements and template selection


King et al., A novel method of accurately calculating the radiological magnification of the hip, 
   J Bone Joint Surg Br. 2009 Sep;91(9):1217-22