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Brainlab Successes

From Automotive to Software Engineer


Brainlab provides a great environment for those looking to shift gears in their career. Take Matthias, who shares below how he ended up in medical technology and why he couldn’t be happier about the road his career has taken him down!

Brainlab Successes - Matthias

My journey in the field of medical computer science started somewhere back in 2010 when I wrote my bachelor thesis in Zaragoza, Spain. The team I was working with was doing research in the field of brain computer interfaces and that was the first time I wrote medical code. It was—and still is—a topic that interests me very much. After graduating, I returned to Germany and continued my studies with a Master’s degree. I had few possibilities, however, to increase my knowledge in the medical field due to the lack of courses offered. Instead, I did lots of projects in the field of robotics and once I graduated and started searching for a job, I just did not think to apply for a job in the medical industry. I ended up working in the automotive industry instead. 

Two years later, by mere coincidence, a friend told me about Brainlab—a great company that often hires people who are looking to change careers. At the time, Brainlab was celebrating its 25th anniversary with an open house event and I decided to drop by. What I saw impressed me a lot—the headquarters, the many different devices Brainlab develops, the atmosphere and also the nice restaurant. After talking with HR, I applied directly on the same day for a job as a Software Developer.

Here I am now, working for Brainlab since 2014 and feeling completely happy. Coming from a different field, I had to ask a lot of questions in the beginning, but everyone here is always willing to help. There are eight people on our team and we work closely together with others. I contribute to a few software programs; for example one of them is a central proxy, which is responsible for the data transfer between the image archives of the hospital and our software. Even though this piece of software is invisible to the medical specialists using our products, it is a mandatory program for Brainlab applications. Thus, it is used worldwide in all hospitals with Brainlab devices and it feels good to contribute to medical healthcare with such a big way. Of course, medical software needs to work very well, so my daily work consists of implementing cool new features as well as the analysis of complaints and bug fixes. To make a long story short: working with my colleagues is fun, the software development is challenging, the atmosphere is very good, the food at the restaurant is excellent and we have also established regular sport events like climbing or going for a run before lunch break. What else do you need to be motivated to come to work every day?