TraumaCad® Orthopedic Pre-operative Planning and Templating Solution Receives FDA Clearance on New Mobile Version

Mobile Digital templating technology allows better accessibility to pre-operative planning for total hip replacement

Las Vegas [AAOS] March 23, 2015 — Voyant Health, a Brainlab Company, announced today that it has received FDA clearance on TraumaCad® Mobile, the mobile solution for pre-operative orthopedic surgical planning and digital templating.
TraumaCad Mobile will allow healthcare professionals and orthopedic surgeons anywhere, anytime flexibility in conducting pre-operative planning of total hip replacement surgery. The new app will be demonstrated this week at the AAOS annual meeting in Las Vegas, the largest orthopedic conference in the world.

“For over a decade, thousands of orthopedic surgeons have been using our TraumaCad technology to plan surgery. In the past several years, mobile devices have transformed how surgeons and healthcare professionals work by enhancing data access and productivity,” said Marc Mackey, General Manager of Orthopedics at Brainlab. “With the mobile version of TraumaCad, digital templating can now be accessed from any web browser or iPad, enabling surgeons to be more productive while also providing access to data for better inventory management.”

TraumaCad Mobile allows fast and easy preparation for total hip replacement, using only a few simple gestures. The app features:

  • Auto hip replacement planning: Automatically aligns implants and assembles components to calculate leg length discrepancy and offset. These automated steps allow physicians to simply fine tune the automatic planning.
  • Device independence: Based on HTML 5 technology, TraumaCad Mobile can be accessed on iOS devices, or on PC or Mac web browsers, making digital templating available on more devices.
  • Automatic calibration: Supports KingMark, a highly accurate and patient friendly calibration marker for AP pelvis, as well as standard spherical markers and manual oversize.
  • Comprehensive template library: Includes an extensive, regularly updated library of hip digital templates with interactive sizing, positioning, and optimization.
  • Collaboration and inventory management: Used with Quentry image sharing service by Brainlab, plans can be shared to better predict inventory and instrumentation requirements.
  • For Enterprise or Single User: TraumaCad Mobile can be integrated with existing PACS systems with enterprise grade security and administrative management, or can be used stand-alone.

Installed at over 2,000 locations worldwide, TraumaCad® surgical planning solution developed by Voyant Health, provides orthopedic surgeons with a comprehensive digital solution for performing pre-operative planning and simulations. The procedure-oriented application includes an extensive digital template library and offers a full set of wizards and measurement tools. Using digital images, surgeons can perform measurements, fix prostheses, simulate osteotomies, and visualize fracture reductions.

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