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In Memory of Arie Katzenstein

Copyright Lutz Marold
February 10, 2023

On February 10, 1970, an attack by Palestinian terrorists took place at the former Munich-Riem Airport, which is now home to the Riem Trade Fair Center and Brainlab headquarters, among other buildings. After an El Al plane landed, terrorists detonated explosive devices and began shooting at the Israeli passengers as well as the police officers who had rushed to the scene.
Passenger Arie Katzenstein sacrificed his life and threw himself on an explosive device, saving the lives of countless others. Thanks to Arie, there were no other fatalities and only eleven people were injured.

Arie Katzenstein, had Israeli and German citizenship and had lived and completed his studies in Munich.

A piece of commemorative artwork for the memorial has been commissioned from internationally renowned artist Alicja Kwade. The completion of the artwork is planned for the year 2024. The Katzenstein family, who live in Israel, and the City of Munich’s Cultural Department and Building Department are involved in the process. To mark the occasion, the state capital, together with Brainlab AG, has invited the Katzenstein family to Munich in June 2023.

“February 10, 1970 and the terrible death of our father has left its mark on our family history. We are very touched that this tragic event has not been forgotten in Munich so that our children and grandchildren have a place to visit to commemorate it. We are happy to accept the invitation to Munich to help shape the content of the historical site,” said the children of Arie Katzenstein.