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November is Movember

November 30, 2022

Testicular cancer is the most common type of cancer in young men. About 80% of those affected are younger than 50. Early diagnosis and personalized treatment can increase the overall chances of survival for testicular cancer patients. According to the German Cancer Society, if this form of cancer is diagnosed early, the chance of complete remission is almost 100%. It is therefore highly important to raise awareness about testicular cancer. That’s why every year throughout the month of November, the Movember Foundation highlights critical men’s health topics. Founded in 2003, Movember, a combination of the word “moustache” and “November,” is dedicated to the research and prevention of testicular and prostate cancer as well as raising awareness about suicide prevention and general men’s health issues. Participants in Movember are encouraged to grow a moustache and fundraise during the month of November. This year, several Brainlab team members joined the cause by growing their mustaches and donating to the Movember Foundation. Men’s health is an important issue for Brainlab beyond the month of November. As a medtech, our mission is to develop software and hardware that can be used for a variety of indications. For prostate cancer, ExacTrac Dynamic® is currently on the market. This product is a patient positioning system that supports physicians in treating prostate cancer patients with high-precision radiation therapy.

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Laeufer in Aktion