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Steady Suction with Navigated Disposable Biopsy Needle

February 23, 2017


The Disposable Biopsy Needle is designed for navigated removal of tissue samples in frameless neurosurgery procedures. The elaborate redesign increases safety and confidence while the pre-calibrated geometry allows for instant navigation.

The new diameter and improved material of the O-Ring create a more robust seal. This contributes to a more steady low pressure stage and increases suction quality. A smaller 3 ml syringe allows for easier handling, while the Luer Lock adapter adds stability to the setup. The 150 mm usable biopsy length and 10 mm cutting window are optimized for brain biopsies.

“I have been using the Biopsy Needle for eight years,” commented PD Dr. J. Gempt, Senior Physician at the Department of Neurosurgery, University Hospital Klinikum rechts der Isar in Munich, Germany. “The redesigned Biopsy Needle has excellent suction and sealing quality, even compared to its predecessor. It is easy to use in combination with VarioGuide and increases confidence during brain biopsies.”

With Brainlab VarioGuide®, surgeons are able to target planned trajectories in less than a minute. This universal instrument holder provides guidance during biopsy procedures, shunt placements and endoscope alignments through proven passive-marker navigation technology.

To see how the Navigated Biopsy Needle works together with VarioGuide, watch the demo video here.